Thursday, November 15, 2007

love the pretty yarns!

i love seeing all the projects and posts of your pretty yarns! feel free to keep sharing! Bajan, isn't the firebrick just gorgeous??

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yeah I got my Yarn

Thanks you very much Jeanie for the wonderful Coop I just love it it's sooooo soft I should have gotten more. Wahhh. Here what I got:
1 lace blue
1 kabuki
1 undyed lace
2 undyed 3 ply
2 passion
2 firebrick

and here is a picture of it ain't it lovely? not sure what I'll make yet.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My yarn is here!

I got my yarn yesterday! 4 skeins of 1-ply Festival, and one Chagall Night. The Chagall Night is actually completely different than the website shows it, and not really in a good way. But I'll find something to do with it.

The Festival is darker than shown, but still pretty. Very foresty, appropriate for now, when all the leaves are falling! I cast on for Clapotis last night.

Also, I had a horrible time trying to wind my first skein. I only got about half, maybe 2/3 of it. The rest is all tangled. I'll need to untangle it when I find the energy, since I think the Clapotis will take all the yarn. So be warned...

All in all, great yarn, though! Very, very soft, and actually, more even than Malabrigo is. I love it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Everything Shipped!!

Thanks everyone for being so great! I hope no one has been disappointed! I would love if you posted photos of your WIPs and FOs from the yarn! I was so inspired i had to order some of the 3 ply in colors.Firebrick, Heavently with Blue, Anthea, Kabuki Lace <3 There are so many colors i plan on ordering in the future... Hardly, Arantza, Chagall Night, Tepid Rose, Anuk, Forest of Pines .... so many to choose from

Sunday, October 21, 2007

no more shipping until wednesday

My husbands' cousin (practically sister) is going in for a very serious surgery tomorrow. As a result, we will be out of town for 2 days, and w/o internet. This also means I won't be able to ship anything until Wednesday.

If you have a delivery confirmation from me, then your yarn has been shipped.

I am so sorry for anyone that is put out by this, we were not expecting her to go in for surgery until later this week. Please keep her in your prayers for a good diagnosis and swift recovery, that that the doctors hands are steady and strong, and that her two young kids feel safe.

Friday, October 19, 2007


yarn addicts - this is the group i belong to! i really encourage anyone interested in ordering through a coop to join. it would be cheaper that me placing orders (no 'double' shipping) and then you to pick and choose from all the different coop buys. Plus lots of other members are part of other coops and usually tell our group when they are open, so we can join in too. I love this whole coop process. such a great way to afford nice yarn at great prices!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

yarn is here!

the fed ex delivered this morning, so i'll be processing today/tomorrow ;)

Please check your shipping totals!

Again, PLEASE verify the costs on USPS site by entering my zip code,98387, and your skeins weight total (# of skeins x 3.5 ounces)

Cando did all the math for us, and added the 3% and $.30 fee (from paypal), delivery confirmation and your portion from the initial shipping to me.

If you have any questions, PM me on KH. You could also email me or just post a message here (a post would get a faster response as opposed to a comment on a post- easier for me to notice ;)

i am so excited!!!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

shipping totals

Thank you Cando for doing this for me! It probably would have taken me days to do it, and it never would have been this nice!
Curlytoot- I'll ship your flat rate also (to the NY address, so add 9.60 for a total of $20.55)

PLEASE!!! Check your KH PM box too for messages about shipping. My zip code is 98387 if you want to check shipping totals. I'll be asking for emails with your mailing address. It's easier for me than searching Paypal for each one. Thanks for your patience, the end is near! :yay:
The yarn should (hopefully) be here by Saturday, and I 'll ship it the next day or so :)

****Please click on the image to see it in its entirety!****

Hi Jeanie,

Here's the spreadsheet with shipping details which might be of help to you. A couple of things you should know -

1. I'm assuming you can stuff the priority flat rate box with as many as 16 skeins of yarn. I also added delivery confirmation to every order. If anyone needs insurance (I don't) then you can add $1.65 to any order for upto $50 insurance.

2. I didn't put any option for Curlytoot as she is international and I don't know which country. She is in red.

3. In the bottom, I've calculated the per skein cost of shipping via Fedex to you, then applied it to each order per order weight. Assuming that's the way you were planning to do it as it's the most easy and fair to everyone?

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions. Total shipping comes close to being same as if ordered directly from the website for the smaller orders, and bigger orders are a little less. Yay!

cando (vr)

Monday, October 8, 2007

more info on shipping

i think i might be able to mail most of the packages at regular media mail rates.

rate chart here

this definantly looks like the cheapest route. any objections?

you can figure your rates by multiplying the # of skeins you ordered by 3.5 ounces.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

100purewool shipping info

i feel dumb! I somehow missed this email from Leah- i am so sorry for the delay!
Hi Jeanie - ok your shipping total comes to: $163.18 Fedex ground shipping was the cheapest way - and it's kind of nice b/c they insure their packages automatically I believe.
Just LMK when you are going to pay and I will get the shipping labels ready.

I will pay this today, and as soon as it gets to me i will sort and ship your orders. I am thinking flat rate, to keep it simple. Any objections?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

bfl coop update

this sucks! it's been canceled, but please read this to understand why:
Ok, this is going to sound like a vent, and it sorta is...

I'm very disappointed at the moment. After the last emails with Andy, he had no problem letting this last co-op run until the end of October when the Bulky was going to be done... well, he just gave me a new timeframe, and it looks like the yarn won't be ready for another 6-8 weeks. At the same time he also told me to please wrap this co-op up now, because it's not fair to Sheila to hold off placing the order for so long...

While I totally understand his point of view, I'm also incredibly upset and disappointed. We all know that Customer Service has been lacking lately. This is one of the main reasons why Andy no longer ships to individuals, but has decided to appoint distributors in the US who will handle the influx of yarn. Great idea, it really is... at least for those of us with biz licenses, because we can still get our yarn at wholesale through (Sheila is really great to work with!!).. Not so great for those of you who were getting it at slightly higher then wholesale prices... But in a way I feel betrayed. He's gone back on his word with regards to this co-op, and I'm actually a little hurt by it (sad, huh??)

The point I'm trying to make is this... I'm tired. I really don't enjoy the run around I'm getting. I sent Andy a list of what was in the database right now and there are only 20 skeins of Bulky available, and I don't really remember what else was missing... The point I'm trying to make is this..

It's time that we say goodbye to our relationship with Andy as a co-op. I think if we just drop this co-op and invest our money either through Sheila as well as US fiber producers, it'll be better for all of us. Especially those of you who were getting a ton of yarn for your stores anyways. This way you won't have to wait until next month... A lot of us are WAHMs and we depend on a steady influx of product into our stores... Unfortunately we haven't been able to count on that as far as the BFL is concerned...I'm still going to be in contact with him because I really really want the yarn to be spun that he and I have been talking about. But the fact is, those of you who ordered Bulky won't be getting it, because it's just not instock. I can't remember if the sock is ready or not, I think he was going to get back with me on this.. So a good half of the ppl who were going to place an order, won't be getting any, or missing most of what they needed.

At this time, I'd say lets just drop the co-op altogether and instead place a killer order with Brad at Wooly Wonders by Nada (I'm getting ready to set the database up, just need to check on a couple of things)...

Please do not be angry or upset at Andy (or I just cannot deal with this anymore. I try to run a pretty tight ship when running co-ops, and this is just throwing me way off... I have Swifts/Winders going, as well as the Valley Yarns on Yarnaddicts (going to open it on hcd as well). WWbN is getting ready as well.

So please do not be upset but I'm going to delete the BFL databases in a few days. If you have any questions regarding getting your yarn from Sheila at w2d4 for your store, please contact her personally.

Thanks everyone...


YarnDoc, I'll be refunding your paymment. this makes me so sad!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

coop payment fees

This is the fee Paypal charges me. It is per transaction. So it would be better to send me one payment.

Payments funded by PayPal Balance, PayPal Instant Transfer or PayPal eCheck, Credit Card, Debit Card or Buyer Credit

fee are-3% +$.30

When Leah ships the yarn to me, I'll cover that cost.
The shipping fees for you will be your actual shipping fee + your portion of the cost to me + the paypal fee.

What sucked about sending her the monies last time, was that I didn't check the fees from paypal and ended up having to send her an additional $25 on my credit card. I am just trying to avoid that again :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

100purewool shipping

Leah will be weighing out the order soon, and then I'll have the total for her to ship the order to me. The plan is to split the shipping equally between us all from Leah to me, then each person will pay their shipping total from me to you. We can do this two ways, in two payments or in one combined payment. I am leaning towards one payment, but whatever is easiest. please let me know! :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

100purewool shipped to coop admin

Hi - PW has been shipped - shipped on the 21st and it usually takes
about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks to get to me.

after she gets it, she'll separate, package call for shipping payments, then i'll get it and separate out each order. I'll use the address i have on hand through the paypal payment. If you have a different address for me to ship to, let me know


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Because I received so much money with our 100purewool buy through paypal, they made me change my account status to premier. Which, while it sounds nice, really sucks. They charge me a 3% fee for every transaction. So am asking when it's time for you to send me a payment (shipping, other orders, what ever ) please add 3 % to cover the fees they are charging me. Thanks!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

10purewool order update!

We should have our yarn by October! YAY!

Sandra said that it would take 6 days for them to dye the yarn (an est.). They work Mon-Fri, so our yarn should be finished on the 17th or 18th of Sept.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

bfl coop order

10 skeins X 100 grams sock weight
(splitting 50/50 with 'yarn doc')
$75 ($37.50 per person)

new yarn co-op

BFL (blue faced Leicester)
Anyways, there are several different weights, Aran, Sock, DK, Bulky ... all are 70.- per 1 kilo cone or 75.- per 10 100 gr (approx 3.5 oz) skeins. Skeins have to be ordered in 10s, but you can easily split them with someone else.

Same as before, cones are 70.- per kilo including shipping to me, skeins are 10x100 grams (10x3.5 oz) for 75.- including shipping to me. If you do NOT want your yarn skeined in those increments, please order a cone and make a note for me in the database. The price will be the same as it is for yarn skeined at the mill, but you can let me know how you want yours skeined and I will do it for you. There are roughly 33 oz per cone.

You can get Aran, Bulky, Sock, DK, Sport... but it really depends on what he has. If DK is out and it might be weeks before he has it again, you might have to change your order or wait until the next co-op (that's what happened with this round, he was totally out of Bulky for example)

This closes 9/30 with payments due at this point. DO NOT send payment before I call for them.
Yes, all undyed. We're getting it straight from the manufacturer


anyone interested? let me know. this is a fairly quick- going order, but she is leaving it open to a specific date as there is no minimum order. if anything, i was thinking we could order a couple of skeins sets and split them. the sock yarn is superwash.

these yardages are approximate! not exact.. hope this helps! (this yardage is per kilo)
4200 fingering
3975 sport
2450 DK
1815 aran
550 bulky

Monday, September 3, 2007

payments due please!

I need to send the payment before the 6th. Please pay for your orders so i can send our payment in! Check the totals list below, and send payment as soon as possible. Thanks!

Friday, August 31, 2007

coop is now closed....

we are closed to more orders!

please verify your order totals below. if there is a correction, please post here or on kh to let me know.
paid orders are bolded and have 'PAID" next to them. Please double check your totals.

check your totals/paid orders bolded

Angel4ever= 28.50 PAID
3 ply X 5 = 28.50
3 poison
1 firebrick
1 candy

1 ply X 5= 27.50 PAID
4 festival
1 chagall night

Dakatzmeow-55.00 PAID
1 ply X 10= 55.00
2 combinacion pastel
2 cobalto
2 prussiane
2 tepid rose
2 barcelo

Marykz- 45.60 PAID
3 ply X 8= 45.60
4 sea
4 chocolate

Robyn bird-76.50 PAID
lace X 3= 16.50
1 secret
1 hardly
1 festival

1 undyed lace 5.00

1 ply X 10= 55.00
2 carolina
2 flowering
2 pasionaria
2 warm ice
2 arantza

Mareknits-56.20 PAID
1 ply X 4=22.00
2 chagall night
2 wood

3 ply X 6=34.20
6 mysterious

Cando- 16.90 PAID
3 ply X 2=11.40
2 poison

lace X 1= 5.50
1 baby rose

Papergirl 33.00 PAID
1 ply X 6=33
2 blck & cyan
2 poison
2 ashen

Wildforyarn-45.60 PAID
3 ply X 8=45.60
8 padua

Curlytoot (INTERNATIONAL)-49.50 PAID
1 ply X 9-49.50
3 black
6 black & white

Zip-84.30 PAID
1 ply x 4-22.00
2 june
2 chagall night

3 ply x 9-51.30
1 azul bolita
2 wood
2 happy colors
2 chestnut
2 black & cyan

lace X 2-11.00
1 dry wood
1 arantza

Letah-88.40 PAID
1 ply X 14-77.00
2 festival
3 padua
3 anuk
3 dorado & carmesi
3 poison

3 ply x 2-11.40
2 mysterious

Revs-71.50 PAID
1 ply X 13=71.50
3 nuts
3 firebrick
3 pasionaria
4 winterjoy

Jeanius-20.00 paid
4 lace undyed-20

Knittynewbie-66.00 PAID(+$4)
1 ply X 12-66
12 praga

Bajaknitter-48.80 PAID
lace X 2-11.00
1 lace blue
1 kabuki

1 undyed lace-5.00

2 undyed 3 ply-10.40

3 ply X 2-11.40
2 passion

1 ply X 2-11.00
2 firebrick

Lovemeowers-38.90 PAID
3 ply X 2-11.40
1 forest of pines
1 passion

1 ply X5-27.50
1 coral
1 pasionara
2 pacifico
1 festival


Merino 3 ply
2 Skeins Passion $5.70x2=$11.40

New total $48.80

Order for Luvmeowers

Hi, there!

Please add my order to the list.

#6021 - Forest of Pines
#6025 - Passion

#1672 - Coral
#1844 - Pasionaria
# 1667 - Pacifico (2 please)
# 1856 - Festival

Thank you!

My Order 100 merino wool

Merino lace 950
1 Lace Blue $5.50
1 Kabuki Lace $5.50
1 undyed $5.00 =$16. 00

Merino 3 ply
2 undyed $5.20x2=$10.40

Merion 1 ply
2 Fire brick $5.50x2=$11

total order $ 37.40

Please let me know if this is correct

Addition to ruth's order - aka REVS

Could I please add the following:

Merino Worsted (single ply)
4 skeins WINTER JOY SKU: 1628

This will bring my order to 13 skeins total @ $5.50 each = $71.50

Thanks a ton!
Ruth aka REVS

Thursday, August 30, 2007

My order!'s mine :)
(12) PRAGA Merino wool(1 ply)

thanks again Jeanius!!!!

coop update/closing

Only 50 more skeins and then we will have the order full for 100 Pure Wool. If this
happens by tomorrow I will close it.
Leah (coop admin)

Add your orders now so we get them in if you haven't already.

Add on to Robyn's order

1 skein of laceweight - undyed. Thanks!!

jeanius order

4 undyed lace weight


no closing date still :)

no closing date yet. she is keeping it open until she reaches 500 skeins. not sure of the current total. i am going to add our current list to the coop's database. The running total of our order will remain at the top of the blog HTH

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Order for ruth (REVS on KH)

First of all, thanks so much Jeanius for letting us participate in your coop's good fortune of working with this great company! How very generous and thoughtful of you!

Here's my order for now: (can I add more later?) ;)

Merino Worsted - single-ply:
3 skeins NUTS SKU: 3014
3 skeins FIREBRICK SKU: 1647
3 skeins PASIONARIA SKU: 1844

9 skeins total @ $5.50 each = $49.50

Thank you!
-- Ruth (REVS on KH)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

order totals soon

thanks to those of you who totaled your orders for me ;) I am making a list off-blog to help me keep track!
I am going to add some of the orders to the coop database, and let her know to expect more from me :)
Please be patient <3

Sunday, August 26, 2007

zip's order

Worsted weight
2 - June
2 - Chagall Night

Worsted weight 3 ply
1-Azul Bolita
2-Happy Colors
2-Black & Cyan

Lace weight
1-Dry Wood

Thank you!

CurlyToot's order AKA Louisa


could i please order:

x3 black 1ply worsted merino ($16.50)
x6 Black & white varigated 1ply worsted merino (custom colour) ($33.00)

total: 49.50 +shipping

I'm in Australia so please calculate international shipping.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wildforyarn's order:

I PMd this to you at KH, but I have a slight change. Are we able to get any colorway in any yarn? I am looking to get 8 skeins of the 3-ply in Padua. If I am unable to get this colorway in the 3-ply, then I will settle for the 1-ply. Let me know. Thanks!
Hi ladies!

Jeanie and MaryKZ, thanks for doing this!

Id like to order...

2 Black & Cyan merino 1 ply (11.00)

2 Poison merino 1 ply (11.00)

2 Ashen merino 1 ply (11.00)

For a total of $33.00

Thanks so much!

Friday, August 24, 2007

cando's order

Thank you, Jeanie and Marykz!

I would like -

2 skeins of 3-ply merino in Poison
1 skein of merino lace in Baby Rose

Subtotal: 2*5.70 + 1*5.50 = $16.90

Mare Knit's Wish List

Please order the following for me.

Merino Worsted
Chagall Night (2)
Wood (2)

3 Ply
Mysterious (6)

Thank you.

coop payment

great question! their shipping prices are very reasonable. the coop admin will place the order (ours, and the other coop members) and then she breaks it down and sends it out.she does 2 payments:
1st Payment: Just your yarn/product total

2nd Payment: Shipping from company (divided up) + shipping from me to you(she'll mail our group order to me) + coop fee($1)

this is the plan:

  • orders, get totals (i send payment to coop, you send payment to me)
  • B.divide my 2nd payment by our # of ppl
  • C.figure ACTUAL shipping for each order
    add B and C for each person, and you send payment to me, i send yarn to you

New Admin!

Hey everyone!
My family will be traveling to California, leaving very early tomorrow morning. I have made marykz an administrator, so she will be able to send invites. (Thank you marykz for volunteering!) If you need an invite to be an author, please PM marykz through KH. You will need to give her your email address for the invite to be sent to. Please place your order here (see the other entries for how to!) Please read the info given here before asking. And note that marykz IS NOT a member of the coop, just an admin for this blog. Thanks, and happy shopping ;)

Robyn(bird)'s order

Thank you for offering this!! :)

Merino Lace Weight
1 each @ $5.50 = $16.50

Merino Worsted Weight
2 each @ $5.50 = $55.00
WArm Ice

TOTAL: $71.50

Marykz order- admin help offer

hi there-

I'd like 4 of the 3ply merino in the Sea colorway
4 of the 3 ply merino in the chocolate colorway (is it chocolate? the site is down right now)

I'm waffling on the superbulky- anyone tried it before?

Jeanious let me know if you need help- I'm sure I could figure it out if I had to. Marykz

Thursday, August 23, 2007

100purewool info on colors

For people who have never ordered Pure Wool, this is the softest wool you have ever felt, even dyed. We can order dyed and undyed. We can order any colorway in any type of yarn. I have made sure of this as I know with HPY it wasn't the case last time. So, if there is a colorway you like you are able to order it in any type of yarn.

A quick statement about colorways - please realize that Pure Wool, although a great company, can have some differences between what is pictured on the website and what we get. I had several colorways last time that looked very off. This being said just take caution in what you order. Most of their colorways duplicate nicely, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.
from Leah, the coop boss :)


2 skeins each, 1 ply worsted:


$5.50 * 10=$55.00 SUBTOTAL


Hugs and prayers for your grandfather, jeanius...don't stress about our orders!

I would like the following in 1 ply merino:

4 skeins Festival
1 skein Chagall Night


I would offer to be an admin, but I've barely used Blogger, so I'd probably screw up the invites. I'm available in a pinch, though.


update on me

i will be going out of town on emergency (my grandfather is dying) Please continue to update orders! I will take my Laptop, but i am not sure if i will have access. I shouldn't be gone more than a week. If i am, i will find a way to connect and get everything settled. I do need a volunteer to be added as an admin to be able to invite others to join. any one? thanks!


Hi there!

I hope that I do this correctly, lol!

I would like the following in the 3-ply worsted wool:

3 skeins Poison
1 skein Firebrick
1 skein Candy

Let me know if you need any additional information.


Welcome! (and how to order/join)

Hi KH'ers! Please send me an IM (through KH) so you can join here and add your order! I'll need you to send your contact email and i'll then email you an invite to be an author on this blog so you can post your order here. I will add any updates of information once a day, in the evenings.