Wednesday, October 31, 2007

- Got my Co-op yarn

I got my yarn two days ago and haven't posted about it because I've been too busy petting it, showing it off, and casting on!!!!

Here is my post on my blog (so I don't have to re-type all about it):

Two days ago I came home and much to my delight there was a box full of yarn from 100purewool! This wool is soooooo soft and beautiful! I am in love (don't tell the BF, he'll get jealous) he, he!

Anywooooo, I immediately cast on with the Anuk which is a purple and brown mix, and made my eyes water with happiness just looking at it. I cast on Silver's Palindrome Hat and it looks awesome! Of course I'm only 7 rows in, but MAN it looks good. The yarn is going to be sooooo warm. The BF and Little jr. can't keep their hand off of the yarn, which is fine except when I'm knitting (or trying to knit) and they keep trying to feel the working yarn......aaarrrrggghhhhh! Lol, at least they have good taste in yarn. oooooh 100purewool, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....

Well, here is a list of what I bought from the co-op:

2 skeins of festival
3 skeins of Padua
3 skeins of Anuk
3 skeins of Dorado & Carmesi
3 skeins of Poisen
2 skeins of Mysterious

I will have to take pictures of the yarn, it's so SO beautiful, I want to share it with the world....visually, of course.

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