Tuesday, September 4, 2007

new yarn co-op

BFL (blue faced Leicester)
Anyways, there are several different weights, Aran, Sock, DK, Bulky ... all are 70.- per 1 kilo cone or 75.- per 10 100 gr (approx 3.5 oz) skeins. Skeins have to be ordered in 10s, but you can easily split them with someone else.

Same as before, cones are 70.- per kilo including shipping to me, skeins are 10x100 grams (10x3.5 oz) for 75.- including shipping to me. If you do NOT want your yarn skeined in those increments, please order a cone and make a note for me in the database. The price will be the same as it is for yarn skeined at the mill, but you can let me know how you want yours skeined and I will do it for you. There are roughly 33 oz per cone.

You can get Aran, Bulky, Sock, DK, Sport... but it really depends on what he has. If DK is out and it might be weeks before he has it again, you might have to change your order or wait until the next co-op (that's what happened with this round, he was totally out of Bulky for example)

This closes 9/30 with payments due at this point. DO NOT send payment before I call for them.
Yes, all undyed. We're getting it straight from the manufacturer


anyone interested? let me know. this is a fairly quick- going order, but she is leaving it open to a specific date as there is no minimum order. if anything, i was thinking we could order a couple of skeins sets and split them. the sock yarn is superwash.

these yardages are approximate! not exact.. hope this helps! (this yardage is per kilo)
4200 fingering
3975 sport
2450 DK
1815 aran
550 bulky

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