Thursday, August 23, 2007

100purewool info on colors

For people who have never ordered Pure Wool, this is the softest wool you have ever felt, even dyed. We can order dyed and undyed. We can order any colorway in any type of yarn. I have made sure of this as I know with HPY it wasn't the case last time. So, if there is a colorway you like you are able to order it in any type of yarn.

A quick statement about colorways - please realize that Pure Wool, although a great company, can have some differences between what is pictured on the website and what we get. I had several colorways last time that looked very off. This being said just take caution in what you order. Most of their colorways duplicate nicely, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.
from Leah, the coop boss :)


amy said...

I followed your links from the Knittinghelp forum, and I'd like to add my order to the co-op. I hope this is the right place to do so.

Here's what I'd like:

4 skeins 3-ply worsted Merino - FOREST OF PINES

4 skeins 3-ply worsted Merino - HEAVENTLY WITH BLUE

8 skeins 3-ply worsted Merino - FIRE

3 skeins 3-ply worsted wool - CRASHES BLUE

2 skeins Corriedale Superbulky - SPRINGTIME

Thanks! -Amy

jeanius said...

hi amy! please send me a message through KH's PM system. include your email and i will send you an invite :)