Thursday, August 23, 2007

Welcome! (and how to order/join)

Hi KH'ers! Please send me an IM (through KH) so you can join here and add your order! I'll need you to send your contact email and i'll then email you an invite to be an author on this blog so you can post your order here. I will add any updates of information once a day, in the evenings.


Secret said...

hi- I'm so lame, I don't have, or know how to IM..... but I can email!! (I used to be secret knitter but I've been outed from the last swap as... Marykz!) Should we post our desired yarns/ amounts/ colors here? MKZ

jeanius said...

Hi Marykz :)
just PM me on KH your email addy and i'll invite you as an author to this blog. then you just post a blog post here of what you want to order. HTH