Saturday, October 6, 2007

100purewool shipping info

i feel dumb! I somehow missed this email from Leah- i am so sorry for the delay!
Hi Jeanie - ok your shipping total comes to: $163.18 Fedex ground shipping was the cheapest way - and it's kind of nice b/c they insure their packages automatically I believe.
Just LMK when you are going to pay and I will get the shipping labels ready.

I will pay this today, and as soon as it gets to me i will sort and ship your orders. I am thinking flat rate, to keep it simple. Any objections?


Robyn said...

Sounds good to me, just let us know how much we owe you. YIkes...I think shipping will be almost as much as the yarn won't it?

VR said...

Jeanie, my order total was only $16.90, I don't think I would prefer flat rate because it would be around $8.95 for an order that will cost less than $3 via first class. Sorry, but is there any way you can ship some orders first class or even regular priority? (cost $4.60).

jeanius said...

yes i can! if anyone has tips i'd appriciate it! i am new to having to ship large amounts of orders, so whatever is cheapest is good for me!