Monday, October 15, 2007

shipping totals

Thank you Cando for doing this for me! It probably would have taken me days to do it, and it never would have been this nice!
Curlytoot- I'll ship your flat rate also (to the NY address, so add 9.60 for a total of $20.55)

PLEASE!!! Check your KH PM box too for messages about shipping. My zip code is 98387 if you want to check shipping totals. I'll be asking for emails with your mailing address. It's easier for me than searching Paypal for each one. Thanks for your patience, the end is near! :yay:
The yarn should (hopefully) be here by Saturday, and I 'll ship it the next day or so :)

****Please click on the image to see it in its entirety!****

Hi Jeanie,

Here's the spreadsheet with shipping details which might be of help to you. A couple of things you should know -

1. I'm assuming you can stuff the priority flat rate box with as many as 16 skeins of yarn. I also added delivery confirmation to every order. If anyone needs insurance (I don't) then you can add $1.65 to any order for upto $50 insurance.

2. I didn't put any option for Curlytoot as she is international and I don't know which country. She is in red.

3. In the bottom, I've calculated the per skein cost of shipping via Fedex to you, then applied it to each order per order weight. Assuming that's the way you were planning to do it as it's the most easy and fair to everyone?

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions. Total shipping comes close to being same as if ordered directly from the website for the smaller orders, and bigger orders are a little less. Yay!

cando (vr)


Robyn said...

I just sent you my payment!


VR said...

Oops, I forgot to factor in delivery confirmation for my own total. Correct amount should be $9.16 and I just sent my payment!

ruth said...

I just sent my payment as well. I included a little extra to cover your paypal charge for my yarn cost.
Please let me know if you cannot fit all my 13 skeins into one flat rate box!
I'll start on Xmas presents soon! Yay!