Wednesday, October 3, 2007

bfl coop update

this sucks! it's been canceled, but please read this to understand why:
Ok, this is going to sound like a vent, and it sorta is...

I'm very disappointed at the moment. After the last emails with Andy, he had no problem letting this last co-op run until the end of October when the Bulky was going to be done... well, he just gave me a new timeframe, and it looks like the yarn won't be ready for another 6-8 weeks. At the same time he also told me to please wrap this co-op up now, because it's not fair to Sheila to hold off placing the order for so long...

While I totally understand his point of view, I'm also incredibly upset and disappointed. We all know that Customer Service has been lacking lately. This is one of the main reasons why Andy no longer ships to individuals, but has decided to appoint distributors in the US who will handle the influx of yarn. Great idea, it really is... at least for those of us with biz licenses, because we can still get our yarn at wholesale through (Sheila is really great to work with!!).. Not so great for those of you who were getting it at slightly higher then wholesale prices... But in a way I feel betrayed. He's gone back on his word with regards to this co-op, and I'm actually a little hurt by it (sad, huh??)

The point I'm trying to make is this... I'm tired. I really don't enjoy the run around I'm getting. I sent Andy a list of what was in the database right now and there are only 20 skeins of Bulky available, and I don't really remember what else was missing... The point I'm trying to make is this..

It's time that we say goodbye to our relationship with Andy as a co-op. I think if we just drop this co-op and invest our money either through Sheila as well as US fiber producers, it'll be better for all of us. Especially those of you who were getting a ton of yarn for your stores anyways. This way you won't have to wait until next month... A lot of us are WAHMs and we depend on a steady influx of product into our stores... Unfortunately we haven't been able to count on that as far as the BFL is concerned...I'm still going to be in contact with him because I really really want the yarn to be spun that he and I have been talking about. But the fact is, those of you who ordered Bulky won't be getting it, because it's just not instock. I can't remember if the sock is ready or not, I think he was going to get back with me on this.. So a good half of the ppl who were going to place an order, won't be getting any, or missing most of what they needed.

At this time, I'd say lets just drop the co-op altogether and instead place a killer order with Brad at Wooly Wonders by Nada (I'm getting ready to set the database up, just need to check on a couple of things)...

Please do not be angry or upset at Andy (or I just cannot deal with this anymore. I try to run a pretty tight ship when running co-ops, and this is just throwing me way off... I have Swifts/Winders going, as well as the Valley Yarns on Yarnaddicts (going to open it on hcd as well). WWbN is getting ready as well.

So please do not be upset but I'm going to delete the BFL databases in a few days. If you have any questions regarding getting your yarn from Sheila at w2d4 for your store, please contact her personally.

Thanks everyone...


YarnDoc, I'll be refunding your paymment. this makes me so sad!

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